DARAD (Outreach) - A Comprehensive Toolkit For Today's Signal Analyst 

In response to today's demanding signal environment, HRB Systems developed DARAD (Digital Analysis Receiver and Demodulator) a general purpose receiver, signal processor and demodulator Housed in a single rack. DARAD enables the signal analyst to perform a variety of signal processing functions:

  • Signal conditioning
  • Tuning
  • Time and frequency domain filtering
  • Equalization
  • Demodulation of wide bandwidth signals in both classical and newly emerging modulation schemes

DARAD is a powerful search and analysis tool that can be easily configured to accommodate a broad range of signal processing and analysis tasks. Its user friendly workstation permits easy, hand son operation and greatly simplifies signal analysis, modeling. and processing tasks.

DARAD accepts previously recorded analog or digital data and performs sophisticated high speed digital analysis to generate time. frequency. and polar displays for signals. If tasking direction changes. DARAD can be easily reconfigured to function as an on-line signal acquisition and demodulation workstation interfacing to a receiver RF output. If necessary, DARAD can be networked to interface with existing signal data bases or computer systems.

DARAD`s innovative architecture replaces up to five racks of analog and digital equipment with one rack of primarily digital components. It allows the user to configure a complex herd ware system to perform signal analysis The user simply identifies functional specifications such as bandwidth and center frequency from a block diagram of processing functions. Then, using these parameters, DARAD configures 160 advanced hardware elements to perform the desired operations. DARAD`s operational commands may be initiated using its graphics display, mouse, and fill in the blank menus.