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Responsible for developing man-machine interfaces for signal processing equipment including system, hardware, firmware and software design. Successfully brought two major projects (RTSA and Outreach) from inception to completion. Designed digital hardware including designs with embedded microprocessors, bit-sliced processors, high speed vector drawing hardware, plasma display video interfaces, operator input device interfaces, peripheral interfaces, and gate arrays. Firmware design included graphics processor microcode, image transformation microcode, and operator input device scanning firmware. Software system development included screen management software, simulation software, event management software, image processing software, device drivers and a multi-tasking kernel. Software based on 68000 VME cards and VAXs running VAXEln. Responsible for code management and performance analysis. Staff member assisting in VAX computer operations and CAE operations. Top Secret clearance with Extended Background Investigation.

OutreachOutreach display

outreach-logo-400x291Outreach (marketed as DARAD - Digital Analysis Receiver and Demodulator) is a general purpose receiver, signal processor and demodulator which enables a signal analyst to perform a variety of signal processing functions including signal conditioning, tuning, time and frequency domain filtering, equalization, and demodulation of wide bandwidth signals in both classical and newly emerging modulation schemes. - Outreach marketing brochure



My responsibilities:

  • Designed the hardware and microcode for a high speed bit-slice graphics processor to display real time waveforms and menus on a plasma display.
  • Vectors are drawn at one million pixels/sec with real time zooming and panning (faster than any commercially available chips at the time!).
  • Used Analog Devices' ADSP series DSP chips (ADSP1101, ADSP1401, ADSP1410).
  • Instruction width 128 bits
  • Approximately 5,000 lines of microcode.
  • Used the METASM meta assembler to create a custom assembly language and assemble the code.
  • Command interface to draw graphic shapes and fonts (downloadable).
  • Image upload with image compression
  • Parallel interface to VAX (DRV11J)
  • Used ABEL to program programmable logic arrays (PALs)
  • Designed the hardware and firmware for the operator input device interface.
  • Devices included a VT100 keyboard, keypad, trackball, and a tuning knob
  • Controlled by a 6809 microprocessor
  • Approximately 1,000 lines of assembly language.
  • VAX software:
  • Screen graphics software (object oriented windowing package similar to Java AWT).
  • DRV11J device driver used for the parallel interface to the graphics display and the operator interface controls.
  • Laser printer interface.
  • The software is written in EPASCAL and runs under VAXEln on a VAX.


RTSA is a signal analysis tool used to make fine grain, real-time measurements of  radar signals in an extremely dense environment. - RTSA marketing brochure

My responsibilities:

  • Designed the user interface.
  • Developed the firmware which consists of approximately 20,000 lines of C and 68000 assembly language:
  • Configures internal signal measurement and display hardware under control of the shaft encoders and buttons on the front panel.
  • Real-time display of signals including zoom, pan, overlay, and split screen.
  • Displays real time measurements of the signals.
  • Remote command and data interface over Ethernet, HPIB, or RS-232.
  • Custom macro language for defining setup displays and help menus.
  • Printer interface.
  • Event queuing and handling system.
  • Developed a custom real-time multi-tasking kernel.
  • Developed using a 68000 cross compiler running on a VAX.
  • Hosted on a 68010 based VME card.

HRB Systems - Resume for David G. DeGroote

  • Responsible for entering, layout, routing, and simulation of two Fairchild ECL gate array designs used in an internal research and development project to design a high speed digital modem to transmit data over fiber optic cables at a 225MHz rate.
  • Wrote a software package to simulate the operation of an internally developed array processor.  The simulator was written in C on a VAX.
  • Image processing software (edge detection).
  • ACE - Automated testing hardware
  • CAE equipment operation, and a staff member assisting in operations of the companies' VAX computers.
  • Laser printer driver