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Cinea (a 2000 startup, purchased by Dolby Laboritories in 2003) provided protection services for the distribution and playback of high value digital cinematic content (movie piracy protection).  Principal engineer primarily responsible for developing image processing hardware for Cinea's systems to prevent movie piracy.


Color Wheel image

Responsible for developing an FPGA to drive a TI DMD and its color wheel.  The FPGA converted real time video frames into a pulse width modulated sequence of single bit frames with the PWM sequence definable at a pixel level.  Analyzed commercial projectors and reverse engineering them into test platforms for Cinea's piracy protection system.  The design used a Xilinx XC2V300 Virtex-II FPGA and Aldec's Active-HDL.  Work resulted in two patents: Visual Copyright Protection #7218754 and #6950532


Digital Micromirror Device

Responsible for reverse engineering the operation of TI Digital Micromirror Devices (DMD) and developing hardware to control them.  Designs used a Cypres Ultra3700 CPLDs  programmed in Verilog.  The prototype development received a NIST grant in 2005.

DMD pixels

Responsible for developing an application to securely generate encryption keys for Cinea's digital movie distribution system.

BCA Laser Cutter

Responsible for designing and developing a DVD serialization system used by DVD manufacturers to generate data for a BCA laser cutter (system used Java and C under Windows and Unix, MySQL and Schlumberger Java Cyberflex smart cards).

Smart Card