Symmetric Designs logoSymmetric Designs 1998 - present

Symmetric Designs, a sole proprietorship, does embedded systems and Amazon Web Services contract work, develops iOS applications, Joomla! extensions, and web site tools. Current products include Calendar Filter, an iOS application that filters and display users' calendar events; gCalMarkup, a Joomla! extension to filter and display calendar events on Joomla! hosted web sites; sdMacros, a Joomla! extension used to encapsulate commonly used blocks of HTML and Javascript into simple commands; - a website of world wide events and calendars (Hebrew, Islamic, Chinese, etc.); Live Components - a tool that allowed non-programmers to add “live” math equations to their web sites (the technology was patented and sold in 2006).


Cinea Logo
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Cinea (a division of Dolby Laboratories) 2000 - 2006
Principal engineer primarily responsible for developing image processing hardware for Cinea's system to prevent movie piracy.  Designed an FPGA to convert real time video into a PWM image sequence for a TI Digital Micromirror Device (DMD), and a CPLD to generate the control signals for the DMD.  Developed an application to securely generate encryption keys for Cinea's digital movie distribution system, and a DVD serialization system used by DVD manufacturers to generate data for a BCA laser cutter.



orblogoOrbital Sciences Corporation 1991 - 1999
Principal software engineer for Orbital Sciences’ global communications satellite network (Orbcomm). Responsible for software system design; ground station to spacecraft and inter-subsystem interface definition and enforcement; reliability and multi-satellite configuration issues; and command & telemetry definitions. Developed the ground station interface subsystem software; the system level and subsystem level fault detection and correction software; and hardware interface drivers (dsp, pll, adc, dac, etc) using the VxWorks operating system (68302, C language).

Lead software engineer responsible for developing the system software for Orbital Sciences first satellite, APEX (Advanced Photovoltaic and Electronics Experiment). Responsible for the software system design and development (68302, C and assembly language), subsystem interface definitions, command and telemetry format definitions, and ground support equipment definition. Acted as technical assistant to the Air Force supporting on-orbit operations.


Hark Software 1989 - 1991
Embedded microprocessor consulting services, electronic mail gateway (Joiner Associates Jmail-InBox (JMI), X Windows system code development, Macintosh code development (Apple partner/certified developer).


HRB-logo-250x60HRB Systems (now Raytheon) 1983 - 1990
Responsible for developing man-machine interfaces for signal processing equipment including system, hardware, firmware and software design. Successfully brought two major projects (RTSA and Outreach) from inception to completion. Designed digital hardware including designs with embedded microprocessors, bit-sliced processors, high speed vector drawing hardware, plasma display video interfaces, operator input device interfaces, peripheral interfaces, and gate arrays. Firmware design included graphics processor microcode, image transformation microcode, and operator input device scanning firmware. Software system development included screen management software, simulation software, event management software, image processing software, device drivers and a multi-tasking kernel. Software based on 68000 VME cards and VAXs running VAXEln. Responsible for code management and performance analysis. Staff member assisting in VAX computer operations and CAE operations. Top Secret clearance with Extended Background Investigation.


textrum-logo-100x60Textrum Industries 1982 - 1983
Responsible for hardware and software design of Textrum's energy management system. Designed system software (6802), man-machine interface, peripheral interface hardware, relay control and temperature measurement hardware, and network communications protocol.


psu-logoPennsylvania State University 1980 - 1982
Designed hardware and software (6502/6809) for a data switch and data multiplexer used to connect remote terminals to Engineering Computer Laboratory computers. B.S.E.E. 1981


RCA logoRCA 1980
Developed automated IC testing hardware, developed IC projected yield data analysis software and performed IC yield measurements, ran simulation of transistor using RCAP.