Hark Software

Hark Software provided embedded microprocessor consulting services, electronic mail gateways, X Windows system code development, and Macintosh code development. Hark Software was a sole proprietorship which operated from 1989 - 1991.

Embedded microprocessor consulting services

  • Optical CD - Trimarchi AssociatesTrimarchi Logo
    • Developed 68000 microcode for a read/write optical disk drive on the SCSI bus.
  • Wireless Printer - Viatec Incorporated
    • Developed 6811 microcode for a wireless (RF), multi-drop, printer link.
  • Milling machine control software

Electronic mail gateway

  • Jmail-InBox (JMI) - Transcend/Joiner Associates.
    • Developed an electronic mail gateway between the TOPS InBox mail system (Macintoshes and IBM PCs), and VMS Mail (Digital VAXs).  Marketed by Joiner Associates, Inc. in Madison, Wisconsin as Jmail-InBox.

Macintosh code development (Apple partner/certified developer).

  • Planet X - Transcend/Intercon
    • Developed the user administrator application for Planet X.  Planet X allows the use of a Macintosh remotely from an X-Windows work station.  Marketed by Intercon in Herndon, Virginia.
  • Fusion - X-Windows library,