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Symmetric Designs

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Symmetric Designs is a sole proprietorship started in 1998 and does embedded systems and cloud computing contract work, develops iOS applications, Joomla! extensions, web sites, and web site tools.  The majority of these projects use Amazon Web Services.  The following are current and past projects.

 Stellar Calendar Assistant
Stellar Calendar Assistant is a tool to manage on-line calendars.  Calendars can be automatically merged, filtered, and modified.  Convert events from your personal calendar into busy events on your business calendar.  Pick and choose events ... Take dozens of calendars and consolidate them into only those events you're interested in on a single calendar.  If the original events change, the copied events are updated on the destination calendar.
Stellar Calendar is hosted on Amazon Web Services and uses EC2 servers, auto-scalers, cloud formation, API Gateway, CloudFront, Cognito, DynamoDB, IAM, Lambda, Route 53, S3, SQS, VPC, etc.

Smart Blonde LogoBoldstream Logo

(02/2016 - 11/2017) Boldstream is a production and streaming platform that creates two-way interactive streaming media. Boldstream transforms online video watching into online participation with a show.

Developed a user voting system capable of handling millions of votes per second.  The system is hosting on Amazon's AWS using EC2 servers, auto-scalers, cloud formation, API Gateway, CloudFront, Cognito, DynamoDB, IAM, Lambda, Route 53, S3, SQS, VPC, etc.

Oberon LogoIC Sentinel Logo

(12/2013 - 04/2016) Oberon's IC Sentinel environmental monitor is a real-time environmental montor used in healthcare environments to measure airborne particle counts, differential pressure, CO2, temperature, humidity, sound and light levels.

Responsible for the cloud-based data collection system hosted on AWS EC2 servers, auto-scalers, cloud formation, API Gateway, CloudFormation, CloudFront, Cognito, DynamoDB, EC2, IAM, Lambda, Route 53, S3, SQS, VPC, user interface, graphs
IC Sentinel Brochure


Calendar Filter, an iOS application that filters and display users' calendar events

Joomla! extensions

web site tools - gCalMarkup, a Joomla! extension to filter and display calendar events on Joomla! hosted web sites; sdMacros, a Joomla! extension used to encapsulate commonly used blocks of HTML and Javascript into simple commands - a website of world wide events and calendars (Hebrew, Islamic, Chinese, etc.)

Live Components - a tool that allowed non-programmers to add “live” math equations to their web sites (the technology was patented and sold in 2006).